VW Passat B5

since 1996 release

Repair and operation of the car

Foltsvagen Passat B5
+ Maintenance instruction
+ 1. Maintenance
+ 2. Engines
+ 3. Cooling system
- 4. Fuel system
   4.2. Fuel pump / fuel level sensor
   4.3. The fuel filter on models with petrol engines
   4.4. Adjustment of a cable of an accelerator (petrol engine)
   4.5. Additional adjustment (automatic transmission)
   + 4.6. Fuel system of the diesel engine
+ 5. Engine management
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Running gear
+ 9. Steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Heating, ventilation
+ 13. Electric equipment

4. Fuel system

4.1. General information


The fuel tank of cars with petrol engines

1 – stopper;
2 – sealing ring. In the presence of damages replace a sealing ring.
3 – cover of a fuel-filling mouth;
4 – bolt;
5 – valve. At removal of the valve take  it from the filling union, having pulled up. At installation of the valve in vertical position the valve is open, and at its turn at an angle 45 ° the valve has to be closed;
6 – sealing ring. In the presence of damages replace a sealing ring;
7 – ventilating hose. The hose of black color fastens sideways the fuel tank and  goes to a canister with charcoal;
8 – ventilating valve. At removal, take the valve from the filling union. Before installation of the valve  uncover a fuel-filling mouth;
9 – the wire connected to the mass of the car;
10 – pressure head pipeline of black color.  On the pressure head pipeline  supply of fuel to the fuel filter is carried out;
11 – returnable pipeline of blue color. The returnable pipeline goes from  the engine;
12 – four-contact electric socket. Wires of the fuel level sensor and the fuel pump are connected to the electric socket;
13 – flange nut of 60 Nanometers;
14 – flange. At installation of a flange, the tag on a flange, has to be combined with a tag on the fuel tank;
15 – fuel level sensor;
16 – fuel supply pipeline;
17 – fuel pump. Replacement of the fuel pump needs to be made together with a flange and the pipeline of supply of fuel;
18 – sealing ring. In the presence of damages use those a new sealing ring. Before installation of a sealing ring moisten it in gasoline;
19 – bolts of 25 Nanometers;
20 – fuel tank;
21 – fixing plate;
22 – tapes for fastening of the fuel tank. Tapes for fastening has different length. The opening in a tape is located from the forward party of the fuel tank;
23 – holder of the fuel filter;
24 – bolt of 10 Nanometers;
25 – fuel filter. The arrow on the case of the fuel filter shows the direction of a stream of fuel;
26 – pressure head pipeline of black color. The pipeline goes to the fuel highway;
27 – pipeline of return of fuel of blue color;
28 – ventilating hose

The fuel system of the car consists of the fuel tank, pipelines, the fuel filter, the fuel pump and system of injection of fuel.

The fuel tank made of plastic is located under the bottom in a back part of the car. Ventilation of the fuel tank is carried out through the closed system of removal of air. At ventilation of the fuel tank of couple of fuel are caught by a canister with charcoal.


Gasoline extremely fire - is also explosive therefore it is necessary to show care during the work on any part of fuel system.

Works on fuel system need to be performed in well aired room for what it is possible to open all windows and doors for draft creation.

During the work on fuel system do not use naked flame, electric welding and tools during the work with which sparks can be formed. Check that in close proximity to a workplace there is a charged fire extinguisher.

For protection of eyes against hit of fuel in them use points. At hit of fuel on skin wash out this place a plentiful amount of water.

Capacity in which there is a fuel contains vapors of fuel and is potentially explosive.

During the work with fuel system observe purity as the dirt which got to canals of fuel system can block them that will break normal operation of the engine.

Front-wheel cars with diesel engines in the fuel tank have no fuel pump. At all-wheel drive cars with diesel engines in the fuel tank the fuel pump is installed.

Before removal of the fuel tank pump out fuel from a tank.

You make removal of the fuel tank from under the car. For support of the fuel tank use a jack.

Even at the empty fuel tank there are fuel vapors which are explosive therefore be careful.

After installation of the fuel tank start the engine and check tightness of fuel system.