VW Passat B5

since 1996 release

Repair and operation of the car

Foltsvagen Passat B5
+ Maintenance instruction
+ 1. Maintenance
+ 2. Engines
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Engine management
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Running gear
+ 9. Steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Heating, ventilation
- 13. Electric equipment
   13.2. General information
   + 13.3. Electric chains
   13.4. Safety locks
   13.5. Rules of care of the accumulator
   13.6. Check of the accumulator
   13.7. Accumulator charging
   13.8. Accumulator
   13.9. System of charging
   13:10. Generator
   13:11. Replacement of brushes of the generator and regulator of tension
   13:12. System of start of the engine
   13:13. Starter
   13:14. Traction relay of a starter
   13:15. Replacement of bulbs of external lighting
   13:16. Replacement of bulbs of internal lighting
   13:17. Devices of external lighting
   13:18. Executive engine of the proofreader of light of headlights
   13:19. Adjustment of light of headlights
   13:20. Gas-discharge lamps of headlights of passing beam
   13:21. Combination of devices
   13:22. Multipurpose switches of a steering column
   13:23. Switches
   13:24. Radio receiver
   13:25. High-frequency loudspeakers
   13:26. Low-frequency loudspeakers
   13:27. Antenna
   13:28. Check of a heater of back glass
   13:29. Windshield screen wiper engine
   13:30. Engine of a screen wiper of back glass
   13:31. Windscreen washer pump
   13:32. System of the central blocking of locks
   13:33. Main malfunctions of the generator
   13:34. Main malfunctions of a starter
   - 13:35. Electric circuits
      13.35.2. Arrangement of the relay and safety locks
      13.35.3. Symbols on electric circuits
      13.35.4. Symbols of elements on electric circuits
      13.35.5. The accumulator, the lock of ignition and the relay of an overload for H-contact
      13.35.6. Diagnostic socket, lamps of the generator and combination of devices
      13.35.7. Combination of devices, hours, counter of a run and buzzer of lighting
      13.35.8. Control lamps of the brake system, external lighting
      13.35.9. Combination of devices, indicator, air temperature sensor
      13.35.10. Lamp of the emergency brake and sensor of level of liquid of windscreen washer
      13.35.11. Switch of turns, light alarm system (left side)
      13.35.12. Switch of the light alarm system and lamps (right side)
      13.35.13. Stoplight switch, stoplights and back turns
      13.35.14. Radio receiver socket, lighter and illumination of devices
      13.35.15. Regulator of intensity of illumination of devices
      13.35.16. Switch and illumination of a ware box
      13.35.17. Fog lights, switch and back dimensional lighting
      13.35.18. Two-tone sound signal and relay of a signal
      13.35.19. Switch and engines of management of air recirculation
      13.35.20. Switch and heater of back glass
      13.35.21. Screen wipers of wind and back glass, relay of screen wipers
      13.35.22. Switch of screen wipers and pump of a washer of glasses
      13.35.23. Accumulator, starter and generator
      13.35.24. Control system of the Motronic engine, alarm system
      13.35.25. Throttle, detonation sensors, air temperatures (Motronic engine)
      13.35.26. Motronic engine, RPM meters of a bent shaft and detonation
      13.35.27. Motronic engine, measuring instrument of a stream of air, relay of the fuel pump
      13.35.28. Oxygen sensor, valve of turn of the camshaft (Motronic)
      13.35.29. Sensors of pressure of oil, speed, fuel system
      13.35.30. Control lamps of pressure of oil, temperature, buzzer
      13.35.31. Accumulator, starter, generator and glow plugs
      13.35.32. Compulsory inclusion of a low gear, accelerator sensor
      13.35.33. Air stream measuring instrument, engine stop valve
      13.35.34. Sensors of provision of pedals of an accelerator and coupling
      13.35.35. Relay and candles of heating of cooling liquid, oil pressure sensor
      13.35.36. Oil pressure sensor, fuel system, relay
      13.35.37. Combination of devices

13.35.27. Motronic engine, measuring instrument of a stream of air, relay of the fuel pump