VW Passat B5

since 1996 release

Repair and operation of the car

Foltsvagen Passat B5
- Maintenance instruction
   Doors, central blocking of locks
   Trunk lid (back door of the Station wagon car)
   Remote radio control by locks
   Electrowindow regulators
   Rear-view mirrors
   Seat belts
   System of inflatable safety cushions
   Head restraints
   + Front seats
   Memory for a driver's seat
   Storing of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for advance
   Call of adjustments of a seat and external mirrors for the movement by the forward course
   Back many-placed seat (Sedan)
   Back many-placed seat (Station wagon)
   Cover for lengthy baggage
   Luggage compartment
   Shelf of the luggage compartment (station wagon)
   Parking brake
   Mechanical transmission
   + 4-staged automatic transmission
   + 5-staged sekventalny automatic transmission
   Adjustable steering column
   Ignition lock
   Launch of the engine
   Engine stop
   Control devices
   Control lamps
   System of automatic control with the multipurpose index
   Violations of paramount importance (red pictograms)
   Violations of minor importance (yellow pictograms)
   Navigation system
   Switches and switches
   Understeering switch of indexes of turns and light of headlights
   Cruise control
   Screen wipers and windscreen washers
   Heating and ventilation
   Air supply nozzles
   Climatic installation
   Air supply nozzles
   - Climatic Klimatronik installation
      Air supply nozzles
   Lifting and movable panel of the hatch of a roof
   Internal lighting
   Box for things
   Plug sockets in the luggage compartment
   How economically to drive the car
   Anti-blocking system of brakes
   Protivobuksovochny system (the reduced torque of the engine, ASR)
   Protivobuksovochny system with snubbing of a wheel (EDS)
   Electronic system of stabilization (ESP)
   Amplifier of steering
   Fuel (petrol engines)
   Fuel (diesel engines)
   + Motor compartment
   Bases of safe operation of the car
   Bases of safe operation of the car
+ 1. Maintenance
+ 2. Engines
+ 3. Cooling system
+ 4. Fuel system
+ 5. Engine management
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Running gear
+ 9. Steering
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Heating, ventilation
+ 13. Electric equipment

Climatic Klimatronik installation



Good visibility is of great importance for safety of the movement that can be reached only when all glasses are purified of ice, there is no snow and fogging of glasses. Therefore основателько get acquainted with governing bodies of system of heating and ventilation, and also with methods of purification of glasses of ice and fogging and the cooling mode.


1 – a key for inclusion of the mode of cleaning of windshield ice;
9 – Automatic Work key;
10 – air recirculation mode key;
11 – Fan More Slowly key and key of switching off of all OFF installation;
12 – Fan Quicker key;
13 – "Air Stream on an Upper Body" key;
14 – "Air Stream in a Zone of Legs" key;
15 – the key is "colder";
16 – the key is "warmer";
17 – a key for economy mode of "ECON" (switching off of the refrigeration unit);
18 – temperature sensor in salon:
  and – on cars with the left arrangement of a wheel,
  b – on cars with the right arrangement of a wheel.

Fields of indication:

2 – indication of a step of the mode of the fan;
3 – indication of external temperature;
4 – indication of the mode of cleaning of windshield ice;
5 – indication of the mode of recirculation of air;
6 – indication of the direction of an air stream;
7 – the indication of the set air temperature in salon;
8 – the indication of AUTO (the automatic mode), ECON (the refrigeration unit is switched off) or OFF (all installation is switched off).

By pressing the corresponding keys indications 2, 7 and 8 change or indications 4, 5 and 6 appear.

The automatic operating mode can be corrected by all keys.

The recommended parameters of standard control of work of installation for all seasons: temperature about 22 °C and the pressed AUTO key.

At such control the comfortable climate in salon is most quicker reached.

Therefore such control should be changed only when it is necessary to satisfy someone's special wishes.

Use of installation

After inclusion of ignition installation begins to work usually in an avtomaticha the sky mode. In fields of indication indications 2, 3, 7 and 8 appear.

Installation completely automatically maintains the set temperature in the car.

For this purpose automatically temperature of the air given to salon, frequency of rotation of the fan (amount of the given air) and distribution of the given air change.

Automatic correction of work of installation when strengthening solar radiation therefore any manual adjustment of heating is excessive is provided.

If before switching off of ignition some deviations from standard parameters of an automatic operating mode of installation were entered, again set parameters are remembered by installation. Only in 20 minutes after switching off of ignition earlier set recirculation mode is erased from memory.

Switching from system of Celsius in system of Fahrenheit and vice versa

Press and keep a key 17 in the pressed situation, then press a key 9. On the display there will be a measured temperature size in the corresponding system.

Instructions on use of installation during the work in the automatic mode (AUTO)
Desirable temperature in salon can be set by means of keys 15 and 16, and this parameter remains in memory of installation until other value of this parameter is set.

The size of the set temperature in salon can lie ranging from +18 °C (64 °F) to +29 °C (86 °F). Temperature is maintained in this range automatically.

If temperature below +18 °C (64 °F) is chosen, in the field of indication the inscription "LO" appears. At a temperature above +29 °C (86 °F) the inscription "HI" appears.

At such set extreme values of temperature in salon installation constantly works with the maximum holodo-or heating capacity. Regulation of temperature is not carried out.

Under certain conditions can happen so that installation will make what from it did not wait for. For example, after cold start of the engine within several seconds air goes mainly to the area of legs. It becomes purposely the crude air which was in system did not lead to fogging of glasses.

Deviations from the standard automatic mode

Work of installation in the automatic mode creates almost in all cases the best conditions for a good samochuvst of the Viy of the driver and passengers year at all times.

In some cases, however, becomes necessary by means of the corresponding keys partially to change separate functions of the automatic mode; at the same time Klimatronik still works automatically:

By means of keys 11 and 12 change the frequency of rotation of the fan and by that increase or reduce amount of the given air. It is reflected in the display increase or reduction of quantity of shtrishk of the indication 2.

By pressing of a key 1:

 – the ECON mode is switched off;
 – the recirculation mode is switched off;
 – it is possible to hold pure from ice or fogging wind and side glasses (to direct air from snuffled 4 on side glasses);
 – it is possible to increase efficiency of cleaning of a windshield of ice and fogging when, for example, soon after a start of motion new passengers in wet clothes get into the car.

Pressing of a key 10 the recirculation mode joins. On the display the pictogram 5 appears.

1 mode of recirculation is switched off by pressing of a key. To renew the recirculation mode, it is enough to press a key 10 again.

The mode of recirculation of air prevents penetration into salon of dust or badly the smelling external air, for example, at journey of the tunnel or at the movement in a stopper.

If it is necessary to heat or cool whenever possible quicker air in salon, the recirculation mode can be chosen. At this mode air is sucked away from salon, then heats up or cooled.

At the mode of recirculation of air it is impossible to smoke in salon as the smoke which arrived from salon to some extent will settle in the evaporator of the Klimatronik installation. It will lead to the fact that subsequently for a long time the air passing through installation will have an unpleasant smell of which it is possible to get rid with great difficulty and essential expenses, having replaced the evaporator.

By means of keys 13 and 14 the stream of air can be directed either to an upper body, or to legs.

Keys of distribution of air 1, 13 and 14 can also be pressed in various combinations.

Key 17 (ECON) switch off the refrigeration unit. In this mode there is an automatic control of heating of air (but without cooling and its moistening) that allows to reach whenever possible quickly and to constantly maintain desirable temperature in the car.

The ECON mode is switched off by pressing of a key 1. To resume work of installation in this mode, it is enough to press a key 17 again.

It must be kept in mind that in the ECON mode desirable temperature in salon cannot be lower than temperature of external air.

You can establish desirable temperature in salon by means of keys 15 and 16.

The combination of the ECON modes and recirculation is possible only if in the ECON mode at first to press a key 10 and then a key 17 ECON.

The ECON mode is switched off by pressing of keys 1, 9 or 10.

Pressing of a key 11 you can switch off all installation. For this purpose it is necessary to hold a key 11 pressed until the inscription "OFF" in the field of indications 3 appears. This key should use only in exceptional cases, for example, at violations in installation work.

When there is no need for deviations from parameters of the automatic mode any more, surely it is necessary to include the automatic mode pressing of a key 9 (AUTO) again.